Sony Akio Morita Building

When Sony’s music labels and publishing division moved to the Culver City studio lot for the first time, each company embraced an opportunity to use their new spaces to tell their stories, combining a powerful past with an ambitious future.

The new Akio Morita Building on the Sony studio lot, named after the company’s founder, provides a new home for the executive team as well as Sony’s music division. Altitude’s custom brand overlay for the Columbia, Epic, RCA, SYCE Entertainment and Sony Music suites highlights the bold brands and styles emulated by these labels and celebrates the notable artists and numerous classic songs that have come out of them.

Women walking in front of a black wall with various thickness of reflective gold stripes angled on top

By asking questions like “What kind of impression does your office make?” the outcome is a workplace that reflects Sony’s aspirational ethos and welcomes its employees and artists into the space. Strong graphics tell stories of each brand’s history, while also laying a foundation for future growth – giving current team members and clients a foundation they can feel proud to stand on and inspiring them to continue that legacy by being as bold as their predecessors.

2017 American Graphic Design Award
Graphic Design USA Magazine

An interior wall made up of blue and different shades of red panels of various sizes with a logo in the center and a women sitting behind a white receptionist desk to the right.
Client: Sony Pictures Entertainment Architect: Gensler Signage & Graphics Fabricators: RRD Retail, Lazer