Brand Design


A trusted and beloved brand is one that embodies an organization’s mission, culture and values with honesty and authority.

Alagem Capital Group

A clear brand has the power to communicate what motivates and matters to an organization, to build recognition, and boost reputation. Branding is active and ongoing, brought to life through every interaction between an organization and its employees and customers.

When interpreted and applied consistently across all touchpoints, a cohesive brand, visual identity, and story serve as a beacon for a memorable and enriching experience and drive business value and growth.

Communicating With Purpose and Clarity

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Positioning
  • Digital Installations
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Print Collateral & Stationery
  • Sales & Marketing Collateral
  • Signage & Graphics
  • Team Training Materials
  • Visual Identities and Logos
  • Websites and Mobile Applications
  • Civic Organizations
  • Commercial Real Estate Developers
  • Corporations
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Hotels, Resorts & Casinos
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Residential Developers
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Brands
  • Sports & Entertainment Brands

Our Process

Clearly articulating an organization’s mission, culture and values requires a thoughtful process that balances business with the human side of the brand.


Look Inward

Through connections with key stakeholders, we dig deep to understand our clients’ personality, history, motivations, differentiators and dreams for future impact.



We consider the way a variety of audiences – employees, customers, donors, board members and more – connects with the brand, and what matters most to each of them.


Articulate & Adapt

Informed by the insights gained our early research, we help our clients define what the brand should communicate and how, visually and in words, with a balance of consistency and customization for each channel and audience.


Build Ambassadors

No brand or business succeeds alone, so we help our clients communicate with the team around them, whether that’s through a branded workplace or HR collateral, helping to turn employees into brand ambassadors.


Keep Listening

Even when a project feels complete, it’s important to look inward and listen with a continuous feedback loop, to ensure that the brand is staying true to the mission and values, and stakeholder needs are being met.

Inspired to drive progress for our clients, Altitude is proud to design brands that help people achieve their goals, whether they relate to business building, healing, community gathering, or nurturing a sense of purpose and participation.