Tower Cancer Research Foundation

Honoring the people who give to the foundation’s noble mission, this donor recognition program turns expressions of generosity into art, and enhances the workplace experience.

The donor recognition program within the Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s headquarters recognizes the people who give generously as well as the doctors and researchers who work tirelessly toward cancer’s cure, while adding to the overall workplace experience.

The Tower Cancer Research Foundation has a legacy of supporting high impact cancer research and clinical trials for more than twenty years. Their programs and grants are made possible by the organization’s extensive fundraising efforts; in the past decade alone, Tower has raised over $25 million. These generous gifts deserved to become a significant feature in the foundation’s workplace design.

A piece of foliage with round leaves and thin branches laid on top of a light box so the veins of the leaves are visible

Altitude created a custom wood donor wall that engages donors and visitors while symbolizing Tower’s important mission. The program also recognizes the important work of the scientists and physicians who receive grants. The artistic installation takes on the client’s voice of empathy and softness, and enhances the workplace environment for employees.

Photographic Artist: Albert Koetsier Signage Fabricator: Lazer