Alagem Capital Group

Restraint, sophistication, and a touch of hospitality come together in the new brand for this luxury real estate investment and development firm.

Since its inception, the privately-owned real estate investment and development firm Alagem Capital Group has built its reputation on the strength of its relationships and the caliber of its high-end properties, including the storied Beverly Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills hotels. This year, Alagem’s executive team decided to upgrade their branding with public-facing marketing materials that reflect the company’s success and business goals. Acknowledging the value of a formal visual identity, they engaged Altitude Design Office for the assignment.

With an understanding of Alagem’s personality and culture, Altitude developed a sophisticated visual identity with a new logo featuring modern letterforms inspired by vintage Hollywood and Beverly Hills glamour. Likewise, the supporting brand typefaces and rich, dark green, and blush color palette evoke polished West Coast elegance.

Altitude created the Alagem visual identity to function beautifully across the spectrum from print to digital applications. Thoughtful design and production details, including using the logotype as a graphic element on letterhead and presentation templates and adding refined touches like metallic foil and embossing to the stationery suite, resulting in a timeless, elegant identity system.

White Alagem logo place on top of an image of green fabric scrunched up.
Client: Alagem Capital Group Printer: Typecraft