Cayton Children’s Museum

With a mission of teaching community values and social responsibility through immersive play, Cayton Children’s Museum celebrates diversity and inclusion in an experiential environment that invites all ages and backgrounds to join in the fun.

Motivated to serve a broader community in a larger space, ShareWell’s Cayton Children’s Museum has a new home in the popular open-air retail center, Santa Monica Place. This unique location sets the stage for an immersive, sensory experience that visitors feel immediately upon entry. Signifying the museum’s mission of growth in children, The Generosity Garden in the museum’s lobby resembles blades of grass and recognizes over 100 donors who made the facility possible. The artistic installation is also multi-functional: the nearly 200 blades of grass provide security and privacy for the interior play space.

Thank you for elevating our thinking, for showing up on all of our deadlines, for helping us figure out our look, our language and our alphabet. We are so proud of how you have helped us birth the Cayton and breathe life into every rainbow and every letter.”

— Esther Netter, CEO, Cayton Children’s Museum

Inside and out, ‘inclusion’ is an important design theme – brought to life not only through the use of different written languages in key locations, but also through visual languages that all ages of children and their caretakers can relate to and understand. Altitude’s signage, wayfinding, and environmental graphics combine analog and digital media and are designed to spark imagination and inspire community engagement, such that all feel their participation is valued.

Altitude worked with the Simms/Mann Family Foundation to create “Habits for Health” iconography and content, encouraging guests to reflect on relevant wellness strategies as they move through the museum. Illustrating the way an experiential space like Cayton Children’s Museum can inspire creativity and action, Altitude also developed the name ‘Muse’ for the on-site shop, along with its brand strategy and logo design.

Signage & Graphics Fabricators: DCL, Digital Plus, Graphic Installations Digital Signage Vendor: 22 Miles Exhibit Design: S2 Associates Photography: Garrett Rowland Architect: Office Untitled