Immersive Children-Centric Spaces: Greg Nelson Embraces Vibrancy for the Cayton Children’s Museum

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By: Kalina Nedelcheva – Jul 24, 2019

The Cayton Children’s Museum is a wonderous and playful space that holds inclusivity, diversity, and artistry as core values. Located in the Santa Monica Place — an open-air retail center, the space enjoys a powerful branding identity that has been curated by Greg Nelson and his Los Angeles-based firm Altitude Design Office.

For the aesthetic of the Cayton Children’s Museum, the designers focused on accessibility through an abundant color palette, as well as elements that signal to ethnical diversity. One such feature is a multi-functional installation called ‘The Generosity Garden.’ It resembles nearly 200 blades of grass and it “welcomes visitors in over 40 languages.” Moreover, the blades also serve the purpose of recognizing people who have donated to Cayton Children’s Museum, as well as work as separators to ensure “privacy for interior play.”