Beverly Hills, California

Brand identity for the reimagined signature dining at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills balances modern sophistication with the hotel’s classic legacy.

The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills enlisted the expertise of Altitude in crafting the brand identity for Espelette, the hotel’s reimagined signature dining establishment. Deriving its name from the distinctive chili peppers found in the Basque region of France, Espelette’s brand identity was envisioned to reflect the new restaurant’s modern sophistication in balance with the Waldorf Astoria’s legacy.

Altitude’s design team responded with an elegant yet approachable identity system that would reinforce Espelette’s positioning as an elite dining destination while still feeling relevant and inviting to a new generation of patrons. A graphic mark of peppers hung to dry gives nod to the namesake ingredient in a stylized aesthetic. This imagery couples seamlessly with a custom hand-drawn logotype and supporting typographic palette blending modern simplicity with enduring classicism.

Altitude applied the new branding cohesively across all restaurant touchpoints including signage, menus, stationery, coasters and to-go packaging.

Espelette is primed to uphold the Waldorf Astoria luxury hospitality legacy while still appealing to discerning palates of the 21st century.

Client: The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills