Chicago, Illinois

A digital exhibit in this private equity firm’s penthouse lobby highlights their history while positioning them as a modern, forward-looking firm.

As a milestone anniversary for GTCR approached, the Chicago-based private equity firm sought an installation that would both honor their rich heritage and position them as a modern, forward-looking firm. In collaboration with Xibitz and Simple Truth, Altitude developed a digital exhibit for GTCR’s penthouse lobby that highlights their history using dynamic media and interactive touchscreens.

Backlit architectural mesh and millwork surround two screens that are programmed with interactive content that tells the story of GTCR’s founding in 1990, as well as its vision, growth, transformation and impact in the decades since. Patterns and graphics reflect GTCR’s brand and integrate with the existing upscale interior architecture, while the overall display is designed to optimize visibility and accessibility.

Client: GTCR Agency Partner: Simple Truth Exhibit Fabricator: Xibitz Interactive Partner: Angle Park