Rogue Spectacle

Ashland, Oregon

A refined visual identity and name elevate this Pacific Northwest production company’s technical offering.

As a new production company specializing in theatre and event lighting was forming in the Pacific Northwest, its owners approached Altitude to develop a name and visual identity. The company’s aim was not only to support the active regional theatre industry – Ashland hosts the popular annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival – but also to stand out with a memorable brand that would be unique for an otherwise back-of-house operation. The result: Rogue Spectacle.

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The word ‘Rogue’ was chosen to reflect the company’s roots in Oregon’s Rogue Valley; “Spectacle” refers to the sense of drama that lighting can contribute to a theatre scene or event, literally creating a spectacle by shining a spotlight on something. Together, the words are intentionally dramatic and slightly abstract.

Altitude also developed Rogue Spectacle’s visual identity, comprised of graphics that are abstractions of the letters R and S, with forms inspired by technical lighting components. The logomark extends across multiple applications, including print collateral, vehicles, equipment, and staff apparel, solidifying the brand’s professionalism with clarity and consistency.

Client: Rogue Spectacle