Stuart House

Artistic installations in Stuart House’s new facility shine a spotlight on an important community of donors and caregivers, but do so subtly in order to foster a trusting relationship with the victims of trauma they support.

Stuart House is an internationally recognized program created by the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center to serve the special needs of sexually abused children and their families. One of the strengths of Stuart House is the number of compassionate donors who support the mission and boldly speak up to support victims and prevent further abuse. When the organization moved to a new facility, it was imperative that these supporters be recognized.

Sending a heartfelt thank you for doing beautiful work for us. The donor wall continues to get so much attention and awe whenever I bring new people to visit. It really is beautiful, and so perfect for its setting.”

— Gail Abarbanel, Executive Director and Founder, Rape Treatment Center at UCLA-Santa Monica Hospital

Special attention was also given to the healing power of art and of soft, human touches in the interior of the facility as powerful yet gentle ways to communicate with highly traumatized children. Merging these two design priorities, Altitude Design Office envisioned a solution in which all donors come together in a large textile-like installation that reflects a community of support.

The donor wall is comprised of over 80 individual bronze and acrylic chevrons that together make a large architectural feature in the entry corridor. This idea of “what we make when we come together” was then extended to the entire signage program to create texture and the appropriate level of recognition.

Altitude Design Office completed this project pro bono on behalf of Stuart House.

2016 American Graphic Design Award
Graphic Design USA Magazine

Client: The Rape Foundation and UCLA-Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center Design Architect: Appleton Partners Architect of Record: Gensler Signage Fabricators: Ampersand, RRD Retail