Guide to Planning a New Healthcare Wayfinding Program

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Many factors get in the way of people receiving the healthcare they need. Navigating a clinic or hospital shouldn’t be one of them. From large hospital campuses to small neighborhood clinics, how people find their way to and around – called wayfinding – is an important consideration in the healthcare experience.

Planning and implementing a wayfinding program is a complex task for healthcare organizations. Altitude Design Office has partnered with many organizations on wayfinding initiatives and is ready to share what we’ve learned.

Fill out the info below to download our four-page Guide to Planning a New Healthcare Wayfinding Program. Readers will gain insights into the ways a cohesive wayfinding system can improve patient experience, employee engagement, and operational efficiency – impacting the healthcare organization’s bottom line – and will understand the steps required to begin the process of building a comprehensive wayfinding program.

Healthcare Wayfinding Form Submission
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