Saban Community Clinic

Designed to feel vibrant, healthy and full of life, Saban Community Clinic’s four healthcare centers transform the lives of individuals and families in need by providing access to high-quality medical care.

Saban Community Clinic believes quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Since 1967 the organization has redefined community health by delivering all the services needed to be totally healthy, regardless of income or insurance. Making more individuals healthier, this approach ultimately makes entire communities healthier, too.

Rooted in four distinct Los Angeles neighborhoods – Beverly, Melrose, Hollywood, and Rampart Village – Saban Community Clinic provides safe places that create positive and lasting change. For each location, including the new Family Health Center on Virgil Avenue, Altitude Design Office created updated graphics, branded signage, and a wayfinding program designed to enhance the experience for patients of all ages. A system of bright colors and lively patterns is integrated with bold graphics and bilingual signage to create a friendly, welcoming environment that is understandable to each of the individuals and families Saban Community Clinic serves. Materials include vinyl and acrylic panels for easy cleaning and durability.

Thirty percent of Saban Community Clinic’s total revenue is donated, so Altitude designed a Wall of Caring to honor those who give generously to the community cause. A campaign was created during construction to share information and progress updates with the community and encourage new donors. Donors are also recognized through a hierarchy of graphics throughout the signage system.

A yellow wall graphic of the number two with little circles making textures that's placed at the landing of stairs to mark the floor number.
Client: Saban Community Clinic Architects: Wirt Design, Houston/Tyner Signage Fabricator: SGK, Landmark Signs