Providence Saint Joseph Emergency Department

Burbank, California

The new Emergency Department serves as a resource to the entire San Fernando Valley community and is designed to ease the experience for patients and families, facilitate efficient workflow for staff, and celebrate the donors who made the project possible.

So often, patients come to the Emergency Department worried, scared and in pain, and it’s our job to not only ensure each patient receives the care they need, but they also receive it in a timely fashion. This new ED places every tool we need to do our jobs at our fingertips. Because of that, the number of patients we’re able to care for, as well as patient flow, will greatly improve.”

Debbie Buffham, MSN, RN, executive director of emergency services at Providence Saint Joseph

The $78 million cost of this new building was entirely funded by nearly 3,000 donors. To recognize this monumental support, Altitude designed an extensive donor recognition program that includes three artistic installations that illustrate the support given by the Toluca Lake and Burbank communities, and by the community of Providence Saint Joseph physicians.

A donar wall with wooden half circle plaques of different sizes spaced evenly horizontal on a light blue wall with an elderly women in a wheelchair and an elderly man pushing her passes by.

Donors’ names are thoughtfully integrated into the signage program to appropriately represent the generosity of the gifts without creating confusion or clutter, especially when speed and clarity are critical to the Emergency Department’s function.

Client: Providence Project Manager: The Stahl Companies Architect: Boulder Associates Signage Fabricator: Vomar Contracting Entity: WeidnerCA