Mammoth Mountain Canyon Lodge

Inspired by the rugged, natural beauty of California’s highest elevation resort, Canyon Lodge’s new signage program ensures that finding one’s way is the easy part of a mountain adventure.

Canyon Lodge is one of Mammoth Mountain’s main entry points and second largest lodge, seeing over 60% of the mountain’s visitors, so it’s important that access and navigation are easy–and easily– understood. With new ownership motivated to position the property as the “day-lodge of the future,” Canyon Lodge has received an innovative redesign that includes an enhanced guest arrival, new retail, food and beverage services, and a redevelopment of the popular snow beach area.

Altitude’s wayfinding and signage program delivers a uniform visual language that helps skiers and other visitors know where they are and how to navigate Canyon Lodge’s new and existing spaces. Easy-to-read fonts interplay with graphics and materials that reflect the natural Sierra Nevada setting, and the shifting elevations and rugged terrain of California’s highest altitude resort. Custom ceiling graphics display the name of the mountain’s recognizable trails.

Altitude accomplished the design of this program in a record three weeks to meet the opening of ski season. The team accomplished this by using plywood and other readily available materials.

Client: Alterra Signage Vendor: RRD Retail