A Repositioned and Rebranded 888 North Douglas Enjoys Leasing Success

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Thanks to a successful property repositioning effort, Hackman Capital’s much-anticipated 888 North Douglas development in El Segundo, California, has recently welcomed two new, high-profile tenants. The historic 30-acre property, featuring four massive industrial buildings, has served as a transportation and aerospace research and manufacturing site since the 1930s—most recently home to Northrup Grumman’s highly classified military work. Now repositioned and rebranded as a modern, multi-tenant, creative campus with high-tech amenities and appealing indoor-outdoor spaces, 888 North Douglas has attracted Beyond Meat and L’Oreal to sign multi-year leases as their new headquarters.

Altitude Design Office developed the branding, visual identity and signage for 888 North Douglas, taking inspiration not only from its past as an historic center of innovation, but also from its future as a community hub in El Segundo. This successful repositioning bolstered Hackman Capital’s already strong reputation, and significantly elevated the property as one with long-term appeal, ultimately attracting Beyond Meat, L’Oreal, and others, despite the ongoing pandemic that caused other commercial properties throughout the Los Angeles region to lose leases.

Altitude’s cohesive system of architectural signage and wayfinding unifies the large site and guides tenants, their employees and guests through the campus—including two acres of park-like open space. Creating a seamless brand experience across all touchpoints, the new brand is consistently applied throughout the property’s digital assets and print collateral too, including leasing materials, also designed and executed by Altitude Design Office.

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