An Evolved Brand and Website for an Evolved Gafcon

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Combined with updated brand positioning and visual assets for Gafcon—a family of companies offering construction management and development services—the Altitude-designed website,, has recently launched.

With nearly 35 years of growth in both client base and services offered, the time had come for San Diego-based Gafcon to evolve its branding to align with its current stature and set the stage for the next 30 years. Altitude researched the company, its sub-brands, and common brand architectures, and ultimately recommended a cohesive visual system that would not only serve to unify Gafcon’s offerings but also demonstrate the company’s strength as it continues to grow.

The new brand hierarchy builds off Gafcon’s existing logo mark, which was designed several years ago by Altitude’s founder, Greg Nelson, while working at another firm prior to Altitude’s launch, and now serves as the umbrella identity. Leveraging the original logotype and cube icon, each sub-brand or business line now has a distinct visual identity including a color derived from the Gafcon color palette. The individual logos are designed to complement each other when used as a group, or to stand alone with strength and clarity as each is activated across digital and print collateral, internal and external communications.

With conceptual design by Altitude, Gafcon’s new website was developed in collaboration with Oxy.