“Brand Makeovers: 5 Things You Should Do To Upgrade and Re-Energize Your Brand and Image”, with Greg Nelson

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by Fotis Georgiadis / February 6, 2020

Enlist Your Employees: They are the ones living your brand and delivering it to clients and customers, so ask them what they believe are the core truths of your brand and see what consistent themes rise to the top. Not only will you get some good information, but the fact that you engage your employees will also go a long way in fostering trust with them.

I had the pleasure to interview Greg Nelson of Altitude Design Office. To Nelson, the way buildings and places communicate has the power to transform the communities and people that use them. He believes by infusing brand, culture and identity into their places, organizations and communities can create lasting relationships with the people they serve.

In 2014, Nelson took a leap of faith and left his design director gig at the largest architecture firm in the world to create a studio of his own. Since then, Altitude Design Office has become one of Los Angeles’ leading brand design firms with assignments in cities from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle to Chicago, New York and Miami. His team has grown quickly from 1 to 11 and has experience designing exhibits, performing arts centers, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, convention centers, corporate campuses, retail centers and more. The firm’s impressive roster of architect and developer clients engage Altitude Design Office to create new brands, activate existing brands in spaces, and implement large architectural graphics and wayfinding programs.